September 26, 2012

Many patients turn to insurance to assist in maintaining dental health and a beautiful smile. However, there are many limitations and exclusions with every dental insurance plan. Before agreeing to any monthly premium it is important that you understand the limits of the plan for treatments including Lumineers, sedation dentistry and oral surgery.

The monthly premium is directly related to the amount of benefits you can expect to receive. The lower the premium, the fewer the benefits. Limitations, waiting periods, and provider networks are also important factors that you should become familiar with.

Insurance is intended to be a benefit, not a pay all. Treatment should never be directed around insurance coverage or plan year maximums. Many dental emergencies can be avoided by paying the out of pocket expense when the treatment is recommended.

Our goal is to help you maximize your benefits every year and limit you out of pocket cost. This sometimes means moving forward with treatment when benefits have been exhausted.

We are always happy to check on benefits, verify coverage or confirm levels of coverage. Please see Cyndi or Paula with questions about your coverage limits and they will be glad to assist!



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