October 10, 2012

We treat patients every day coming in with pain in the jaw. Naturally, they call asking for an appointment for a toothache.

On examination it becomes clear from the symptoms relayed to their dentist and the wear facets on their teeth that the patient is grinding at night or clenching during the day.

Many people  have no idea they are doing it, except when someone close to them tells them.

Other patients, also wake up with jaw, neck and shoulder pain along with headaches. In extreme cases we see patients with broken teeth  and misaligned jaws.

An ounce of prevention can combat bruxism, keep you comfortable and help those close to you from have an interrupted nights sleep.

There are a number of viable solutions for teeth grinding which include:

  • Wearing a orthotic or protective grinding device.
  • Medications which include muscle relaxers.
  • Stress management.   

Currently, most dental insurance does not cover treatment for bruxism. Although the cost of treatment is only a fraction of the fees that can be incurred to treatment teeth damaged by grinding and clenching.



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