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Dental Reception AreaPatients choose Dr. Weber as their oral surgeon in Santa Barbara because of his use of cutting-edge technology and years of proven experience. He offers procedures including bone grafting, microsurgery, sinus lifts, immediate extractions, and alveoloplasty.

Microsurgery is a technique that allows oral surgeons to remove or replace teeth without the discomfort of larger incisions. This is popular with many oral procedures including the removal of wisdom teeth. With the assistance of a microscope and smaller instruments, aspects of dentistry that were unfeasible have now become a reality. The procedure itself starts with a tiny incision in the soft tissue just above the wisdom tooth that is to be removed. Once the tooth has been exposed, the doctor can determine the appropriate removal option. If the tooth cannot be removed in one piece, it is sectioned into individual pieces by root, and taken out one portion at a time. This often results in little to no pain after the surgery, and the healing process becomes faster due to less complications.

Dr. Weber also performs sinus lifts when there is not enough bone in the jaw or if the sinuses are too close to the jaw itself for implants to be placed. A sinus lift is an oral surgery procedure that starts with an incision made to the gum tissue where the bone grafting will eventually be injected. The tissue is gently raised, revealing the bone. A small window in the shape similar to that of an oval is created so that the surgeon can reach the sinus on the other side. The sinus is delicately lifted away from the jaw, creating an open space for the bone grafts. Several millimeters of bone are usually added to the area and the gum tissue is closed. Four to nine months of recovery time is then needed to allow the two types of bone to mesh. With a solid foundation established, dental implants can be firmly placed.

For some patients, a rare condition called dry socket may occur following the removal of a tooth. Every tooth that is pulled reveals a hole in the socket, which is usually protected from a blood clot that forms after extraction. Occasionally, the clot can become dislodged or dissolve shortly after the procedure. This leaves the bone and nerves under the gumline susceptible to external substances like food and air. Discomfort and infection may result if left untreated. To treat dry socket the opening in the gum will be thoroughly cleaned out to remove any stuck debris, and filled with medication to promote healing. Antibiotics may be prescribed to avoid an infection.

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