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The Dr. is a miracle worker. I've had problems for years and he gave me back my great smile.


I like being recognized and greeted when I arrive for my appointments. I also really appreciate the office staff's reflection that they are familiar with who I am on the rare occasion I need to phone the office. The reception area is quiet, clean, stylish,and comfortable.


I would take this opportunity to say that Alex my hygienist is the best ambassador for your business, she is always cheerful, pleasant and brilliant at her profession. I can't speak & recommend her highly enough to all. Thank you for employing her! I would also say Paula is the best front desk person you could have - knows the information, is patient and clear when giving this information out and always greets with a smile and a personal comment that she keeps stored how she does this with the number of people that pass through your doors I do not know. Full credit to her. The Dr. is the best dentist I have ever been to!! Patient, gentle & kind. I have the best dental work ever!! Since coming under His & Alex care my teeth have never been in better shape.

Jeanette B.

Dr. Weber changed my life! I went from dentures that were literally falling out of my mouth to a confident smile that I could eat and laugh with. Thank you Dr. Weber, you're the best!


I have had two visits to the SB Dental Care office. I tend to keep my dentists for decades and have been fortunate to have very competent and personable ones. I have been very pleased with SBDC. The dentist is super competent and I especially like being on a friendly first name basis since I was a research scientist and professor for three decades. Connie did a great job on my peridontal cleaning and the office staff was helpful and friendly.


George B

I most like and appreciate the friendly, warm and caring, professional service from the dentist and Jarvan; also, their ability to handle my relentless teasing and questions. The administrative staff is efficient, responsive, and considerate. Overall, a great dental-care experience!



Everyone at Santa Barbara Dental Care is so friendly, and also personally concerned about your dental problems and/or progress. Dr. Joseph Weber does amazing, innovative dental work, and he is gentle and caring. I had covered my mouth while speaking or smiling for more years than I care to remember, and Dr. Weber not only gave me back my smile, but gave me the ability to once again chew my food properly. He made sure he work was PERFECT; he actually sent the implants back to the dental lab until they met his high expectations. I highly recommend Santa Barbara Dental Care for not only routine exams, but for more difficult dental problems.


The whole office and staff are extremely courteous and professional and seem to truly care about their patients. I think that everyone can say that going to the dentist is not top of their list of things to do however, it is very refreshing to enter this office and be treated with kindness and concern for your well being. I also sincerely appreciate the overall gentleness that I receive from my hygienist, Alexandra. She's the best! Thank you all for making the 'visit to the dentist' experience enjoyable

Mary C

Eastside Family Dental Clinic, our patients and dentists are grateful for Dr Weber's generosity and kindness. He offered free of charge his brilliant talent and breadth of knowledge - based on years of innovative experience - to train our resident and staff dentists, in support of our clinic's mission to provide dental care for the most vulnerable and underserved people of Santa Barbara. Using the most advanced technology and equipment in implant dentistry, he operated skillfully and successfully on our patient, whose challenging condition would have led to compromised outcome otherwise.
A class act of humanity and compassion, indeed!

Quynh Nguyen,DDS

I chose Santa Barbara Dental Care because I prefer to be sedated during dental treatment. Santa Barbara Dental Care is one of few general dentist who do intravenous sedation and I was very happy to find his office when searching the internet.

My experience has been a very positive one with both doctors. Originally, I was seen for minor fillings and one crown. I was sedated for the procedures and I was very happy with the results of his treatment.

In 2012, Dr. Joesph Weber, the implantologist at Santa Barbara Dental Care placed an implant for me after prematurely loosing a tooth that had a cracked root. I was sedated while Dr. Weber placed the implant in their dedicated surgery room. I had no pain or discomfort after the surgical procedure as Dr. Weber had told me during my initial consultation with him.

I am very satisfied with my implant and implant crown that was delivered by Dr. Weber.
I enthusiastically recommend both Santa Barbara Dental Care for their technology, skill, and especially the specialized training that benefits their patients.


P. Berman

2411 Bath Street
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